Best Value WineO Trio

Best Value WineO Trio

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Intrigued by our Best Value WineO Trio? Even more intrigued with what Sangiovese and Barbera mean? Beyond intrigued with how good these wines actually are? Well, look no more! All three of these red beauties come from sustainably farmed and family owned wineries in Sonoma, California. (AKA from people who actually care about the quality of their wine.)

Cline Zinfandel (Retail $23): Strawberry, coffee, and chocolate characters. Ripe fruit and soft tannins for a mouth-coating rich vintage. A subtle vanilla quality that nicely complements the explosive fruit notes. 

Jacuzzi Sangiovese (Retail $26): Bright strawberry and cherry with lifted violet and rose aromatics. Medium bodied, with fresh cranberry to keep the wine lively and to underpin the hints of cedar and vanilla that linger in the mouth. 

Jacuzzi Barbera (Retail $28): Bright, crisp notes of cherry and raspberry. Savory with interesting flavors.