About Us

For our WINEO 101, our goal is to provide you with a fun atmosphere to learn about wine. We know wine is a vast subject that can be seen as pretentious. We make learning about wine simple and fun!


For our WineO Club, our goal is to provide you the best method to enjoy wines. It's simple... We want you to buy wines you like, at the BEST PRICE!

  1. Buy wines at amazing value - We are passionate about being the Best Value Wine Club. We make sure that every shipment delivers you amazing value.
  2. Buy wines you like - Once your order is completed, our team will contact you via email and have you fill out your own taste profile. And our experts will choose and ship wines based on your preferences. This way each shipment you receive is catered to your tastes.

We personally taste each of our wines so that we may provide you with great tasting wines ranging from wonderful everyday wines to stunning premium wines. We want to make your experience enjoyable AND affordable.


Images that describe who we are...